Volunteering at the Emporium is a great way to meet people and learn all kinds of great stuff. We’re looking to build long-term relationships with enthusiastic, talented volunteers who will help advance our goal of promoting DIY culture, self sufficiency, and urban agriculture. Although a volunteer experience may consist of individual events and projects, we believe working together over time is the best way to provide a valuable experience for volunteers, service to the public, and benefit for the store.

What would I do as a volunteer?
As a small organization, we have some flexibility to tailor each opportunity to the volunteer’s interests and talents. In our eyes, a great volunteer opportunity should:

provide value to the volunteer;
provide value to Homesteader’s Emporium;
provide value to the public.
Some examples of great volunteer opportunities are:
Workshop host. Do you have knowledge or skills you’d like to share? You could volunteer to hold a workshop at Homesteader’s Emporium. It’s usually tons of fun and a great way to learn from attendees. Having volunteer instructors allows us to set the cost of workshops as cheaply as possible, or even offer them for free. This brings people into the store and offers affordable education to the public.
Workshop / event assistant. Sometimes for larger workshops or public events we need an extra pair of hands to fold chairs, fetch water, dig holes, or what have you. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and learn all kinds of great stuff. And of course, you get to attend the workshop for free!
Project contributor. We always have various projects on the go like compost tea, aquaponics, solar cooking, vertical gardening. We like to try a project, trouble shoot it, research it, then blog about it to share with the world. Thing is, there are more projects than we can possibly do ourselves! If this sounds exciting, that’s because it is! We can provide support and ideas, and loan you supplies. Great for hands-on types with an eye for detail. A writing sample is required.
Book reviewer. We carry a huge line of books and don’t always have time to read them all! As a book reviewer volunteer we’d loan you awesome books and you’d write a detailed review to be published on our website. A writing sample is required.
Still interested? Great!
Send us an email at volunteer@homesteadersemporium.ca. In your email, please answer the following questions:

What opportunities interest you? Feel free to list any of the above that apply, or propose your own!
Why are you excited about volunteering here?
What is your expertise or experience?
What’s your background – education or professional skills?
How much time would you like to commit? Please estimate either hours / week or hours / month.
We’ll strive to reply to all messages within a few days.