Tips to secure your leaking foundation wall

Ensuring whether it’s your foundation wall or your plumbing system that’s leaking is a task in itself. So the first thing you should do is find out the problem. Just because your basement is wet does not mean that the foundation wall is leaking. Once you are sure that it’s your foundation wall call foundation repair to fix it.

What to do?

The first step is preventing water penetration into the wall.

The second step is to fill up the space through which the water may be passing.

The third step is water control in the basement, so that water does not pass through onto the floor of the basement.

The location of the leak also matters. The type of foundation is another important factor in repairing the wall.

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Understanding all the factors contributing to the leak is a complicated and lengthy task. The most popular form of foundation repair is waterproofing the exterior of the foundation. The method includes waterproofing the entire exterior of the walls regardless of the number of cracks in it. This decreases the chances of leaks.


At first excavation of the entire foundation wall is done. Post-excavation, the walls are thoroughly cleaned. The next step is the filling up of the cracks using hydraulic cement. Then a rubber membrane coating or foundation wrap is done. The leaking tiles will be removed and will be replaced by new and proofed tiles. Lastly, back-filling and compacting of the soil is done. These are the steps of foundation repair.


Many question the need to excavate their entire foundation if there is just a small crack or a minor leak. There are two choices for you; you can either excavate the external walls and look for a crack to seal it directly, or you can pressure inject it right on the crack from the internal side of the wall.

They will be fine. And interior pressure injection has a lot of pros.

First of all they are more reasonably priced than exterior repair.

Secondly, it is less time consuming

And finally, it can be done in a short notice, while excavation takes a number of weeks.


How to fix concrete block walls that are leaky?

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Block foundation walls are hollow and are different from concrete ones. Foundation repair is tricky in this case and only two methods can be availed of. The first is, waterproofing the exteriors and also excavating. The second method is, the installation of perimeter drainage in the interior wall.

How to fix the leak from the inside?

Drainage of the block walls into a drain beneath the basement is required to make this process successful. The water that gets captured will be routed towards a pump and then evacuation will take place outside.

The last but the most important concern regarding foundation repair is usually the cost involved with its execution. Some homeowners decide to do the job themselves but that might not be the best idea. So steer clear of such thoughts and call a contractor.