Homesteading projects often require a lot of bulky gear!  That’s why we offer rentals of several big-ticket items you might only need a once or twice a year.

General policies:

  1. We take a deposit for all rentals when you come to pick them up.  The deposit is roughly equal to the replacement value of the item. We accept VISA, Mastercard, or cash.
  2. Rental prices are for the first full day, which is the minimum charge. Additional days are billed at 1/2 this rate.
  3. Payment for the rental is due upon return of the item.
  4. Pick-up is any time after 3pm on the day prior to when you have an item reserved. Drop-off is before noon on the day after you have the reservation. In other words, for the price of one day you get the item for up to
  5. We rent items in clean, but not sanitary, condition.  You are responsible for sanitizing the item and maintaining food-safe conditions.
  6. You are responsible for returning the item to us in clean condition. We will charge you for an additional day if cleaning is required.
  7. If you return an item late or dirty and thereby inconvenience another customer who expected to pick it up, you pay for their reservation.
  8. To make a reservation, phone or email with your desired dates, name and phone number. We will reply to confirm your reservation if you don’t speak to one of us directly.

Things we rent:

  • Apple Cider Press (Homesteader from Happy Valley Ranch). $50 first day, $700 deposit.
  • Honey Extractor. Dadant 4 frame hand crank tangential extractor. Includes use of heated uncapping knife.  $5 extra for stainless steel sieve. $40 first day, $400 deposit.
  • Stainless Steel 5 lb Sausage Stuffer, $10 first day, $150 deposit
  • Vacuum Sealer $10 first day, $180 deposit
  • Electric Meat Grinder $10 first day, $150 deposit
  • Hot Water Bath Canner w/ Rack, $8 first day, $110 deposit