What You Should Store in a Home Fireproof Safe

A large number of people store items which should not be kept in a residential safe. The list is quite long and includes items like precious jewelry, documents and cash. The priceless items and important documents certainly need to be stored in a safe place but they do not need to be kept in a fireproof safe. Read more to come across some safe-keeping secrets from the experts.

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What Should You Store in Home Safe?

The things which you can store in the residential safe include passports, security cards, power of attorney documents and insurance policies. You should store items which are valuable to you but not to a burglar. The other valuables and priceless items can be stored in the bank.

What Might be the Consequences?

If you store the priceless items and valuables in the residential safe, then a thief might break into your house easily and force you to open the safe or steal everything that is stored in the safe. In case you have a fireproof safe installed in your wall then it is advisable to store your personal documents in the safe. The documents can remain safe and secure in the safe and you do not need to worry about misplacing it.

Documents which Might be Needed Urgently

You might store the documents which you might need urgently in the residential safe. Documents like the social security cards, insurance policies, passports and other important documents which might be required during a medical crisis can be placed in the safe. Since the banks are not open round the clock, it is advisable to store the important documents in the house where it can be accessed easily.

Many people have to go on urgent official tours and they might need the relevant documents. The residential safe is extremely secure and reliable and can store the important documents easily. In case you need a document urgently, it has to be accessible and the home is the best place to store the document.

Original Copy of the Will

If you do not have a highly-skilled local attorney who will store the original copy of your will on your behalf, you can store it in the residential safe. You can store your will in the safe and can access it whenever you need it. You can store the will in the bank as well but it cannot be accessed whenever you require it. In case, you are not around and you send someone else to get it for you, then a court order needs to be obtained.

If you are using the safe then you can tell your trusted person about the lock combination and he will be able to take out the will even if you are not around.

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Personal Treasures

You can store certain personal treasures like camera negatives, vintage photographs, emergency cash and stamp collection in the residential safe as well. The safes provide protection from fire and can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees. As a back-up, you should also store your precious photographs in the cloud.