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649 East Hastings Street, Vancouver   .   604-568-7675

Our Mission

Vancouver Homesteader’s Emporium aims to provide Vancouver residents with a convenient, one-stop shop where they can find know-how and supplies for a wide range of do-it-yourself urban homesteading projects. The store will promote rediscovering lost skills through educational programs and community events, offering tools for healthier, more self-sufficient living, and good clean fun.

Founder Rick Havlak first came to Vancouver in 2006 to study at UBC. He got the inspiration for Homesteader’s Emporium two years ago from his own experience trying various food projects. When setting out to make cheese, jam, and roast coffee he wasn’t sure where to begin. Finally, after searching all over town and ordering supplies online, he jumped right in – and on the first try wound up with sour milk, fruit syrup, and burned beans.
This store is designed for people in the same boat; whether you’re motivated by curiosity, love of learning, nostalgia, local self-sufficiency, or the environment, we think learning to make your own food and household supplies should be fun and easy, not frustrating.

Homesteader’s Emporium carries everything you need to get started on a variety of home self-sufficiency projects, like growing and preserving your own food, making cheese, keeping chickens, or making soap! Soon you’ll be able to read more about our products in the Shop section.

If you’re new to all these things, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be a great resource for beginners with knowledgeable staff, demonstrations, and instructional workshops. Media and educational programs will be detailed in the Learn and Events sections.

We’re always interested in partnering with like-minded local folks and organizations. If you have an idea for collaboration or just want to trade ideas, you can reach us through the contact page.